A Day of Celebration as I.C.T. Students Graduates

The first day of July, 2016 is marvelous day that the awaited by ICT students at the Witaba Foundation had eager to reach finally came to pass with wonderful and ceremonious activities occurring in the process. About 18 Students graduated with Certificate in ICT essentials after undertaking an intensive education and skills at the ICT centre in Lubao, Kakamega County. Here are some galleries of the events.

The ceremony was led by the Foundation’s Education Initiative secretary Madam Modester Bulimo. The attendees urged the community to get involved in the ICT studies since it’s vital for the society of this century. The Chief Guest Bishop Wandera offered a Sponsorship opportunity to the disabled citizens within the area to study ICT at the centre under his support & supervision.
Here are some galleries of the events.

In attendance were; Bishop J. Wandera of Dominion of Christ Church: Kakamega, Retired Education Director B. M. Malenya, Chairman A. Alusa: Witaba Foundation, Patron Fred Witaba: Witaba Foundation, Secretary & The ICT Facilitating Manager Charles Oduor: Witaba Foundation, Accountant Steve Shisia: Witaba Foundation, ICT Instructor D. Wasilwa: Witaba Foundation, Aspiring Isukha South MCA, The area authorities, Neighboring Schools heads and teachers, elders of the land, parents and neighbors to the centre.

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