Black-out in Parts of Kakamega county


Its with great apology to the communities of Kakamega County following lack of power to support their day to day operations in the area. According to KPLC (Kakamega region), there are several maintenance of power sub-stations and failure of several transformers around the County.This may take a while before it is fixed but let us be patient for a better service from Kenya Power officials/teams…Lessons we learn from this is that as communities, lets invent other back-up ways of power generation strategies and plans so that we do not suffer such inconveniences in the future. These include; biogas production, solar panels, AC Generators and improved wet-cell management.

One thought on “Black-out in Parts of Kakamega county

  1. Yes-Alternative energy sources must be explored by bodies with expertise.
    Bio-Gas,Wind mill,Solar panels[tax free] to encourage communities.
    MCA’S and the County goverments must set aside funds for such activities.
    Meanwhile KENGEN & KPLC must ensure thatequiptmrt that handle power generations and supply are of tecncial specifications reccommeded by the Engineers.
    Also lost of power is generatote at sugar mills whic tapped into the grid will have abdunt clean enrgy adding to the geothermal.

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