Catholic Priests Celebrate Wooden Jubilee[Ten Years] Of Priesthood.

The Catholic Dioceses of Kakamega, recently[5th February,2017] celebrated mass at Hambale Parish for five priests who reached ten years of priesthood Pastoral service.
Many Catholic nun formations,Parishes,Christian communities,secondary schools, seminarians and Catholic faithfuls at large were all among the celebrants with Priests namely,Fr.Simon Mulindi,Fr.Boniface Shikoli,Fr.Anthony Ndodolo,Fr. Gabriel Ingutia and Fr. Bonface Mmbwanga who also is the Diocesan Secretary.
Hambale Being the home Parish of Fr. Bonface Mmbwanga,he was ushered with many Gifts on the great achievement.
The priests will perform mass in all their home Parishes as a homily coming just as the one in Hambale Parish.

Lubaofm Team Congratulates the Five for their[ten years] wooden Jubilee.

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