Insecurity Crisis meeting in Lubao, Kambiri Location

Following the latest incidences of insecurity within the area of Kambiri Location, residents pilled pressure for the area chief Mr. Shikunzi to embark in new techniques of rolling out the thieves, robbers and rapists that have been lobbing around the location involving innocent people in the society into very painful and disgusting acts against their rights. An emergence meeting was called between the community and the Deputy County Commissioner; and other administrators in the County to discuss these issues on Friday 20th November, 2015 at the Senior Chief’s Office at Lubao Centre.
The main causes for poor administration of security discussed were: Lack of enough Administrative Officers (APs), few police posts/camps in the area, lack of patrol vehicles to enable smooth & quick response of the administrators in case of emergencies, corruption at the AP officers over allegations, lack of employment among the youths and much more.

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