Lubuka Boda Boda acquire a new motorcycle with own funds.

The Lubao Boda Boda, registered as LUBUKA [Lubao Buyangu Kabaras] on the 9th of May 2017, acquired its First asset group owned brand new motorcycle [Model TVS 125 worth value Kshs.110,000.00] with funds savings from the members.
The Group has already released the motor cycle into Boda Boda operations and funds collection from the asset as income,shall be put into savings with focus on acquiring a second one.
The LUBUKA Group is also enrolled with the Usawa Sacco in Kakamega with a share holding that can enable the group acquire a Sacco loan that will in turn benefit the members.
Recently, the Executive office bearers of the group attended a financial management training that was sponsored by the Witabafoundation with the aim of strengthening its financial management capabilities of the group.
A call to would be Donors out there is this Group is worth a Donation in form of a motorcycle that would be a most welcome boost.

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