Lubaofm Message to Citizens to Register as Voter[s] with the IEBC.

The Lubaofm Management team heeds the call by the Communications Authority of Kenya calling on Media to sensitize Citizens by being responsible and register as voter[s] with the IEBC in the exercise that comes to end on the 14th of February 2017.

Lubaofm Message.
Dear Fellow Citizen[s] of the Republic of Kenya.
The Year 2017 is an election year that elections shall be held on the 8th of August 2017 that will determine the electorate choice of the leader[s] [President, Governor, Senator, MP, Women Rep, and MCA] that will lead Kenya for the next five years. Good leaders are elected by Good electors. Bad Leaders are also elected by Good Electors. However, better can be done if all citizens are registered as voters and elect leaders based on their manifestos.
Lubaofm there urges all citizens wherever you are to heed the call to register as a voter.
All a citizen of needs is,-
1] Be over 18 years old
2] Have a Kenya Identity card or a Kenya Passport
3] Present in person at your desired registration center that will be your voters casting on polling day.
Your vote counts, please register today as a voter and determine your future. Remember that your vote hires and fires leadership.

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