Western Region / State of the Nation

He is concerned with informing the public on the current events that take place in the Nation ans especially Western region (Western Kenya)



Patrick Lumumba

Patrick LumumbaSports and youth Edition

He ensures that you get the sports update on time and also oversees the announcement of matches as they are relayed live



Mercy Khakali

Mercy KhakaliNews Anchor

She is concerned about reading the news at every prime time e.g. 2100hrs and also giving you any breaking news as they arrive while keeping it crystal clear and accurate.



Steve Shisia

gravatarBusiness Edition

He is concerned with reporting business affairs and entrepreneurial opportunities in the region.



Modesta Bulimo

modesta BulimuEducation and Religious Matter

She oversees that the radio station has got religious perspective and that the word of God is trickled down to every person within the society.



Lumumba Mbogani

Lumumba MboganiSocial Services and Vernacular News

Since Lubao FM is a radio station within the western region; he ensures that everyone within the region tends to understand the news with a language that is fit and best for them i.e. (vernacular).



Martin Lihanda

Martin LihandaHealth and Nutrition

He is concerned about educating us on what we should eat and what time. he delivers the message on the  food that is good for our body in order for us to receive full capacity nutrients and also to stay healthy.



Charles Oduor

Charles OduorICT (Advanced Technology)

He ensures that every one is kept abreast on the rising technologies and also educate the public on the impact of those technologies and beneficial aspects if they are adapt corrective.



Dorcas Wasilwa

Dorcas WasilwaICT (News)

She is concerned with delivering information, Communication and Technology (ICT) news to the public.  She liaise  with ICT( Advanced Technology) head in order to ensure that the public is well informed when it comes to the matter of technology and they have a deeper  understanding on how technology will impact on their lives.