The Clergy take the lead at 102.2 Lubao FM

May 30th 2018 at 11:00am sharp, was the moment that Religious leaders from Ileho and Malava divisions made a date with the 102.2 Lubao FM board of directors to discuss the impacts and developments agenda that the station would birth in the society and how the clergy community would support the move. More than twenty leaders were in attendance to represent fully their denominations towards the inclusion of their services in the Station’s programming.
The Bishops, Reverends, Fathers, Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and even Sheikh of the regional denominations had a two-hour session of questions and answers to the Board of Directors of the Station.

Under the Chairmanship of Operations Director – Mr. Charles Oduor and Religious Affairs manager – Modesta Bulimu, the meeting was interactive and later The CEO and Marketing Director – Mr. Fredrick Witaba had an opportunity to teleconference with the attendance from Nairobi, where he continued to encourage all to back up Lubao FM in positive comments and prayer to God. The denominations represented were, PAG, CMC, CEC, KAG, PAM Int’l, ADC, Holy Spirit of Canaan, PEFA, Baptist, Lubao Mosque, SDA, Repentance and Holiness, Jehova’s Witness among others.

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