The Fredrick Yanyuma Witaba Foundation

The Fredrick Yanyuma Witaba Foundation is a non – partisan, non-profit making organization funded by partners and well-wishers. It is run by a board of management, which oversees an executive management team charged with the day-to-day activities of the Foundation. The Foundation, activities and accounts are audited annually. The Foundation is an organization dedicated to the improvements of quality of life for all. The Foundation aims at developing strategic alliances and partnerships while fostering community engagements to not only identify needy areas of assistance but also pool adequate resources for the implementation of various programmes. The Mission is to provide the infrastructure and support needed by the people to grow, expand and realize their full potential through partnerships aimed at contributing towards a better and peaceful world. The Purpose is to identify areas where the Foundation can provide leadership to the people to eradicate poverty and to encourage self reliance.

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