The Great Day [Thursday] of Lubao Community in Kakamega county

Dogs on Sale Sales of cowsLubao Market Hotel

For the community of Lubao center, its a precise choice of what to buy on Thursdays since its the Market Day.What do they mean when they speak of MARKET-DAY, a day that all possible goods and services are displayed for sales….Dogs to Cows, Goats to chicken, Utensils to food stuffs, electronics to banking services, Hotels and restaurant services and the list continues. The homestead within and around this community is secured at all times by having well-trained Dogs for security…..Why hire guards that can be bribed by offenders when you can afford a Universal Security Agent [ Dog] for your home?

Visit Us and learn a lot of interactive, cultural activities in this Community in Kakamega county.

Courtesy of Lubao fm – Kakamega County

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