The Internet Administration (WordPress) Training @ Lubao by Witaba Foundation & Lubao FM

The Lubao FM and Witaba Foundation organized a One-Day Training on Internet/Website Administrations and Management (Particularly WordPress) to enable all the Staff and Board members to be able to Post and Manage the Websites efficiently during their operations.
In attendance were:
The Patron/ Founder of Witaba Foundation – Mr. Fred Witaba
The Organizer / Facilitating Manager – Mr. Charles Oduor
The Business Edition Head (Lubao FM) – Mr. Stephen Shisia
The ICT Instructor ( Witaba Computer Centre) – Madam Dorcas wasilwa
The head of Sports – Mr. Patrick Lumumba
The Education & Religious head (Lubao FM) – Madam Modesta Bulimu
The Health & Nutrition Department – Mr. Martin Lihanda
The Vernacular & Social services – Mr. Lumumba Mbokani
The general News Anchor – Ms Mercy Khakali

All the participants were issued certificates under the Training Officer, Mr. Chrisantus Makhokha of Chrisantus Solutions.

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