A bodaboda rider was on Tuesday, October 12 arrested after he uploaded his photo on the Facebook page of a girl who was found dead a week ago. John Odinga, a resident of Emenyasa is said to have uploaded the photo of the deceased Cynthia Makokha’s official Facebook account when using her phone.

The student aged 17 was a Form Four student at Kibera High School in Nairobi County and was heading to her rural home for the burial of her mother when she met her death. She had on October 4, travelled from Nairobi to her rural home but never arrived at her grandmother’s place.

It has now emerged that the minor boarded the suspect’s motorcycle at Shianda market in Kakamega County. He further said that the girl made a call to her parents at 7 pm saying that she had boarded a motorbike but she never arrived home.

The search for the minor bore no fruits until the suspect went ahead and uploaded his photo on the girl’s Facebook account. This prompted the girl’s parents to make a formal report to the police which made it easy for authorities to track down the bodaboda rider.

Her body was on Monday, October 11, discovered floating in River Lusumu by locals who reported the matter at Mumias Police Station. Speaking to the media, Michael Omwanda who is the Shianda bodaboda chairman further accused the suspect of being a criminal involved in child kidnapping and robbery incidents. Asked what prompted him to make such an accusation, Omwanda said that the suspect was once nabbed by the police for stealing and trafficking two children to Busia but was later released

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