A Youthful Appointment with Lubao FM Centre..

Close to ten students of WitabaFoundation ICT centre organised a visit to the Station, which is a partner with Witaba Foundation. [As pictured below]





Their energetic visit was full of excitement and happiness as they arrived in style and cautious of the media events that were taking place at the station. Led by their Trainer/ICT Facilitating Manager and a volunteer journalist at the station – Mr. Oduor, they walked around different departments of Lubao FM and finally got the opportunity to practice news anchorage, studio control and much more that involve the media operation at the station. Their departure from the premises was grim when they sat at the Lubao FM Board room with The CEO,Mr. Yanyuma Witaba, who advised them of great things that make youths useful people in the community and ways of being successful in whatever thing they put their hands on. They hardly left after refreshments since the day was almost over.

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