By Dorcas Atema

Doctor Wilberforce Shaka, a medical professional at Lubao Medical Hospital, has expressed concern over the increasing number of patients suffering from hemorrhagic fever, a blood disease that is often linked to sugar consumption. The doctor warned that many patients are not seeking medical attention early enough, leading to complications and even death.

According to Dr. Shaka, the symptoms of the disease include chills, fever, and difficulty breathing, among others. He emphasized that early detection and treatment are crucial in preventing severe consequences. The doctor revealed that many patients with hemorrhagic fever are also suffering from diabetes, making it essential for those with sugar-related conditions to take their medication as prescribed.

Dr. Shaka attributed the rising cases of hemorrhagic fever to the high consumption of sugar among locals. “Sugar consumption is a major contributor to this disease,” he said. “Many people do not realize the dangers of excessive sugar intake, and it is leading to a surge in cases of hemorrhagic fever.”

The doctor urged patients with symptoms of hemorrhagic fever to seek medical attention immediately, adding that timely treatment can significantly reduce the risk of complications. He also warned that ignoring the symptoms can lead to severe consequences, including organ failure and even death.

Dr. Shaka expressed his concern over the lack of awareness among locals about the risks associated with sugar consumption. He appealed to residents to take their health seriously and consult a doctor if they experience any unusual symptoms.

The doctor also emphasized the importance of following medical advice and taking medication as prescribed. “It is crucial for patients with diabetes or other sugar-related conditions to follow their medication regimen strictly,” he said.

Dr. Wilberforce Shaka reiterated the need for vigilance in recognizing the symptoms of hemorrhagic fever and seeking medical attention promptly. He urged residents of Kakamega County to take their health seriously and adopt healthy habits to prevent the spread of this deadly disease.

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