Politicians have been asked to stop meddling with matters of education. This is a collective plea of national government officials from Bungoma county. Addressing the press in his office in Bungoma County, Samuel Kimiti who is the County Commissioner Bungoma County Raised an alarm over what he termed as over indulgence of local politicians in issues of management  of some schools, an issue he said makes it difficult for some schools to prosper.
Kimiti has said that a school can just prosper well academically if its management is left in the proper hands of all stakeholders.
Meanwhile Kimiti has raised a red card to  students that are fond of disrupting learning process through unrest stating that their days are numbered.
He has either directed them to use proper channels whenever they feel like things are not in order instead of  indulging into drugs which leads them to striking hence destroying school properties.

By Hillary Karungani

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