By Emmanuel Kyama

In a bold move, Caroline Mushindi, a prominent musician and aspiring women’s representative in Busia County, has pledged to prioritize the empowerment of marginalized groups, including women, youth, and vulnerable individuals, if elected in the 2027 general elections.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with our news outlet on Sunday 7 July, 2024 at 8:00 pm, Caroline emphasized the need for inclusivity and equity in governance, urging leaders to work for the people without bias or personal gain. “As a representative of the people, my primary goal is to ensure that every individual has an equal opportunity to thrive and contribute to the development of our county,” she said.

Caroline pointed out that Busia County is home to many courageous women who have the potential to bring about positive change if given the chance. “These women are not only capable of making a difference but also deserve to be recognized and empowered,” she stressed. “As their representative, I will ensure that they are given the platform to participate in decision-making processes and have their voices heard.”

The aspiring leader also highlighted the importance of addressing the plight of vulnerable groups, including orphans and vulnerable children. She promised to work closely with stakeholders to provide support services and resources to these groups, ensuring that they receive the necessary care and protection.

In addition, Caroline vowed to prioritize education as a key driver of development in Busia County. She pledged to work with leaders to ensure that all children have access to quality education and that parents are supported in their efforts to educate their children.

The musician-turned-politician also spoke about her plan to engage with youth who have been marginalized in the past. “Many young people in Busia County have been left behind, and it’s time we give them a voice and provide them with opportunities to realize their potential,” she said.

Caroline emphasized that her approach will be centered on building partnerships with various stakeholders, including local communities, civil society organizations, and government agencies. “I believe that together, we can achieve more and bring about meaningful change,” she said.

When asked about her strategy for addressing the issue of funding for education, Caroline replied that she would work with leaders to ensure that education is prioritized in the county’s budget. “Education is not just a basic right but also a crucial investment in our future,” she emphasized.

The aspiring leader also emphasized the need for transparency and accountability in governance. “As a representative of the people, I will ensure that all transactions are transparent and accountable, and that every penny spent is accounted for,” she said.

Caroline’s vision for Busia County is one of inclusivity, equity, and empowerment. She believes that by working together with various stakeholders, she can bring about positive change and create a brighter future for all residents of Busia County.

With her commitment to marginalized groups and her willingness to work with various stakeholders, Caroline Mushindi is poised to make a significant impact in Busia County if elected as its next women’s representative.

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