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Busia County to Benefit from a 30 Billion Shilling Agricultural Park

Chinese investors in a company of Human Rights activist Okiya Omtatah earlier today visited the office of  Busia County Governor H.E Sospeter Ojaamong for the approval of establishing a modern agricultural industrial park at Nasewa in Busia County.

The park will commercialize the farming and processing of cassava and other crops in Western Kenya and Eastern Uganda. Embracing modern and more profitable cassava production, the system will help change the crop from being a small scale subsistence crop to a large scale commercial crop.

Speaking with the press, Omutata said the project is ready to start any time soon after getting the approvals from various government ministries to give them a go ahead to start .

The facility which will be constructed at a cost of Ksh. 30 billion will be able to process a capacity of 2000tonnes of raw cassava per day. The facility will provide a reliable market for growers in addition to creating employment opportunities for the youth.

The proposal to establish an agricultural industrial park will help increase production of cassava since they tend to supply to China because of high demand in their country.

 The agricultural industrial park will comprise of nucleus and out grower cassava production farms and factories to provide dry cassava chips, cassava flour, cassava starch, animal feeds, ethanol, organic fertilizer and paper pulp.

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