Communications Authority of Kenya, Headquarters

Communication Authority of Kenya has declared a significant reduction in call rates, effective from March 1, 2024, in a move geared towards supporting Kenyans during challenging economic times.

The call rates will undergo a noteworthy reduction, dropping from the current Sh0.58 per minute to an even more affordable Sh0.41 per minute. This adjustment is poised to alleviate the financial burden on individuals while fostering enhanced communication accessibility.

The new rate structure will be universally applicable, encompassing all mobile networks operating within Kenya.

The Communication Authority of Kenya clarified that the decision stems from the existing economic environment and ICT market dynamics. Striking a balance between promoting investment and protecting consumers is at the core of this strategic move.

The anticipated positive outcomes include improved access to affordable services for consumers across networks. Simultaneously, operators will gain increased flexibility in developing more budget-friendly products.

The revised rates are set to remain in effect for two years before undergoing a review. While call rates see a reduction, the current SMS termination rate will remain unchanged at Sh 0.05 per SMS.

Prior to the new rates taking effect, all operators are mandated to adjust their Interconnection Agreements in line with the Determination and submit their Deeds of Variation to the Authority by February 1, 2024.

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