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Countries pledge to work together in eliminating covid 19 in the United Nations general assembly meeting.

Addressing misinformation and countering vaccine hesitancy features prominently in a political declaration launched at the united nations general assembly, as countries pledged to “work together as one” to defeat the pandemic, and help people and the continents  to recover better.

More than 181 member states voiced support for the text entitled “the political declaration on equitable global access to Covid-19 vaccines”, which was unveiled at an informal meeting of the assembly on Friday.

The meeting held was to capture the deep concern’ over uneven distribution of Covid 19 vaccine despite international agreements and initiatives for committing to solidarity and intensification of international cooperation. They also urged full funding of the access to Covid-19 tools (act) accelerator, including covax.

Following the combated misinformation with ‘verified’ messages the political declaration also included a commitment by countries to address misinformation and tackle vaccine hesitancy and all key challenges to successful inoculation campaigns against Covid-19 globally.

Many countries have highlighted the importance of increasing acceptance of the need to fully vaccinate populations across the world stating that they will cooperate with the un’s ‘verified’ initiative, they called on the un system overall to help counter so-called vaccine hesitancy in all parts of the world.

By Austin Shambetsa

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