In a resolute stand for devolution, Kakamega county Governor Fernandes has emphasized the  need for the national government to cease its interference with devolved functions.

Speaking at the Sarova Whitesands Resort Mombasa during the 40th Annual Seminar of Accountants on devolution milestones and challenges, Governor Barasa called upon the national government to respect and support the autonomy of devolved institutions.

Governor Barasa, known for his unwavering commitment to the principles of devolution, addressed the accountants with determination, highlighting the significance of a harmonious relationship between the national government and the devolved entities.

He argued that devolution was a vital pillar of Kenya’s democratic framework and stressed the importance of empowering local governments to effectively carry out their functions.

During his speech, Governor Barasa outlined the challenges faced by devolved institutions and emphasized that the current debate about reverting the health sector to the central government is an example of interference from the national government that hinders the spirit of devolution.

He underscored the need for a collaborative approach, where the national government plays a supportive role in enabling devolved governments to fulfill their responsibilities.

By Governors Press Unit

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