Residents of  Naburereya Village, Bumula Constituency, Bungoma County are grieved with the news of the death of a Form Two student of Naburereya Secondary  who  committed suicide at her boyfriend’s house after her parents demanded answers on why she had not reported to school after the August holiday.

Joan Wekesa, hanged herself at her lover’s rented house at Kabula Market.

According to Praxides Wekesa, the deceased’s mother, after receiving information concerning her daughter from neighbours, she decided to go to the market where her daughter had spent the previous night. She then left and went back home to inform her husband but unfortunately when they returned, they were shocked to see their daughter’s body hanging on a rope.

Praxides stated that their daughter had refused to go to school and had threatened to commit suicide if they would continue pushing her.

Her body has been taken to Bungoma mortuary as investigations to ascertain the cause of her death commence.

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