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Hon. Judy Ojaamong Preaches Education at St. Stephens Lwanya Girls

Busia First Lady H.E Judy Onamo Ojaamong attended the Matayos sub-county education day hosted by St. Stephens Lwanya girls secondary school. The event was graced by Education Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha.

Her presence was highly appreciated since she is known for supporting education matters in the county. She recognized the support of all the present personalities at the function

“For Busia County to go a notch higher, teachers and parents’ care and support will be highly appreciated” Said the first lady noting that the counties’ good performance was attributed to efforts by all stakeholders.

H.E Ojaamong, promised to giver her support towards better performance. As education is the key to everyone’s future, the sense she drew to students was noted and appreciated by teachers. Her passion for education escalates most students efforts. Whoever preaches the same gospel as her’s in education was highly encouraged not to give up since she believes students will not disappoint if motivated fully.

Professor George Magoha, the education CS was so much impressed by how much the students of Busia County at large were supported by all, starting by the first lady.

Prof. Magoha urged teachers to be professional to achieve the best from students as expected.

The professor also assured full support, underscoring the best fruit out of education.

“Busia may not be producing an A student but still performs well generally. This cannot be taken for granted.” Said the CS county education day hosted by St. Stephens Lwanya girls secondary school. The event was graced by Education Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha.

The Education CS further l;lauded the structure of schools in the county saying they are environmentally friendly and conducive for learning. All the books that the students need for learning purposes have been delivered to respective schools by the government. He assured that the government will ensure timely delivery of books to various schools to avoid undue interference of the learning process.

Going by the recent performance recorded in the county, the cs said that he has high hopes in the students registering better performance as long as they are continually encouraged to work harder.

Other officials in the attendance were, Matayos area MP, Hon Geoffrey Odanga, Busia County director TSC, Ibrahim Rugut, Regional director of Education, Stephen Obongo,Busia County Director of Education Tobias Awuor and CECM for education, John Mwami among others.

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