My Feed, My Food” was the theme of this year’s agricultural field day held at Ebung’aya village, Butsotso East ward in Lurambi sub-county which was organized by JISIMAMIE CBO  and the keynote speaker was the Madam Marriam Were, Kakamega county chief officer fisheries.The event was a huge success, with hundreds  of attendees from all over the country coming to learn about the latest advancements in agriculture and food production

The agricultural  field day  was a success, with 14 exhibitors showcasing their products and services related to agriculture. The theme of the field day , “My Feed My Food,” emphasized the importance of sustainable agriculture and the need to produce healthy and nutritious food for the community.

Madam Marriam Were delivered an inspiring speech, highlighting the county government’s commitment to supporting farmers and promoting sustainable agriculture practices. She also encouraged the exhibitors to continue their good work and contribute to the growth of the agricultural sector in the region.

The exhibitors showcased a wide range of products including organic fertilizers, high-yield seeds and innovative farming equipment. Visitors to the show were impressed by the quality and variety of products on display, and many left with new ideas and inspiration for their own farming practices.

Overall, the agricultural field day was a great success, bringing together farmers, industry experts, and government officials to promote sustainable agriculture and support the local community. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for this vital industry.

By Gregory Luvari

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