By Kefa Linda

Kakamega County Governor Fernandes Barasa has launched a comprehensive plan to improve maternal and child healthcare in the region. The initiative, dubbed “Barasa Care,” aims to ensure that every mother gives birth to a healthy baby, and that every child has access to quality healthcare.

Speaking at a function in Kakamega town, Governor Barasa emphasized that his government is committed to prioritizing the health of mothers and children. He noted that the county government has identified healthcare as a key sector that requires attention and investment. “Our main focus is to ensure that every child is born healthy and that every mother receives quality care during pregnancy and childbirth,” said Governor Barasa.

The Barasa Care initiative will utilize the services of Nyanjani Health Workers to reach out to residents across the county. The health workers will provide medical care and education to expectant mothers, newborns, and young children. Governor Barasa emphasized that his administration will work closely with the health workers to ensure that they have the necessary resources and training to provide quality services.

Residents of Kakamega County have welcomed the initiative, saying it comes at a critical time when maternal and child mortality rates are still high in the region. “We have been waiting for such an initiative for a long time, and we are grateful that our governor is taking steps to address our health needs,” said a resident.

The Barasa Care initiative is part of the county government’s broader plan to improve healthcare services in the region. The government has also set aside funds to upgrade health facilities and recruit more health professionals.

Governor Barasa acknowledged that there are many challenges facing the healthcare sector in Kakamega County, including limited resources and infrastructure. However, he emphasized that his administration is committed to addressing these challenges and providing quality healthcare services to all residents.

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