Kenya is now set to have its first electric public buses after, BasiGo, an Electric vehicle startup, announced the launch of its operations in Nairobi, bringing clean energy options to Kenya’s public transport industry, currently dominated by fossil-fuel buses. 

The EV startup is set to provide electric buses for purchase by public transport providers, with their operations initially aimed at targetting the public transport ecosystem in Nairobi.  However, the company is planning to enter other markets within the East Africa region after establishing ground in Kenya.

The company revealed that it’s sourcing buses from BYD Automotive, the largest manufacturer of electric buses globally but has plans to locally assemble buses in Kenya. Its main objective is to offer a more environmentally sustainable solution that is also cheaper to maintain than current diesel buses.

At the moment, buses and matatus remain one of the primary modes of transport in Kenya with diesel emission being identified as one of the biggest environmental threats to human health, and greenhouse gases emissions contributing to climate change. 

BasiGo plans to introduce a financing model that will allow its customers to purchase its buses at the price of their diesel competitors. BasiGo also disclosed that its buses will come in 25 and 36-seater capacities with a targeted range of over 250 km.

According to the company’s Chief Operating Officer, Alex Mwaura, this range will allow transport providers to complete a full day’s operations before returning to a BasiGo charging depot at night for recharging and maintenance.

The company has already raised KSh100 million in funding with Mwaura stating that the company’s first electric buses will be arriving in Kenya later this year.

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