By Elizabeth Angayo

In a bid to combat the growing wave of crime in Luanda Township, leaders from the area have called for collective effort to ensure the safety of residents. According to sources, members of parliament and senior police officers from the area have been summoned to a meeting to discuss ways of tackling the issue.

Speaking at the meeting, David Onjiri, Luanda Township MCA, emphasized that the rising crime rate is largely due to many youth dropping out of school and failing to acquire meaningful education. He urged leaders to work together to find a solution to this problem, which he believes is at the root of the growing insecurity in the area.

Onjiri also called on parliamentarians to intervene and ensure that teachers in secondary schools receive adequate funding from the government. He argued that this would enable students to complete their education without any interruptions, thereby reducing the likelihood of them engaging in criminal activities.

In addition, Onjiri appealed to leaders in Vihiga County to work together with teachers and students to promote education in the area. He suggested that this could be achieved by providing motivational talks and other forms of support to ensure that students remain focused on their studies.

The meeting comes at a time when Luanda Township is grappling with rising levels of crime, which has left many residents living in fear. The leaders’ call for collaboration is seen as a crucial step towards addressing the issue and restoring peace in the area.

Onjiri’s appeal for cooperation between leaders, teachers, and students is likely to resonate with many residents who are concerned about the growing insecurity in their community. It remains to be seen whether the leaders will heed his call and work together to find a lasting solution to the problem.

The meeting has also sparked hopes that a concerted effort will be made to address the root causes of crime in Luanda Township, including poverty, unemployment, and lack of education. As the leaders move forward with their plans, residents can only hope that their efforts will lead to a safer and more prosperous future for all.

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