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Malava NG-CDF Completes Several Projects In Schools

The management of national government Malava constituency development fund (NG-CDF) has launched several projects in various schools within the constituency.

According to the fund manager Collins Obuya the projects are part of the development initiated by the cdf to school as one way of improving learning.

At Silungai girls, the commissioning of a dormitory was well received by the management led by the Principal Benter Omolo who hailed the CDF management of being ready to assist them whenever there is need.

“We therefore recognize and appreciate your immeasurable contribution to the growth of our school and the well being of our students and we know that you still remember your promise of bringing for us a school bus and we know that you will deliver considering your development track record.”

Earlier the CDF had purchased for them land in 2014 and set up a dormitory before adding another on in 2017 though the school currently is in dire need for another piece of land to put up a playing field ad staff houses.

The principal said already they have relieved a bursary of Ksh.174, 000 from the ward Kitty through the Manda Shivanga Mca David Kivishi as well as another one of Ksh.748, 000 from the Malava Mp Malulu Injendi respectively.

It is worth noting that the school currently is running on these two bursaries with some well wishers as well as parents who are struggling to pay fees and called on the government to come to their rescue by releasing the capitation funds to schools.

In Tombo secondary school, the principal MartinWotia who received an administration block was happy after the current one they were using having been condemned severally by the public health and had become a risk forcing teachers to abandon it and sit under a tree.

This is a huge milestone in the school and we will continue to work hard and as our population at the school keeps rising there is need for land for expansion to set up a boarding section to help us manage our candidates and produce more good results.

Last year we kept our candidates (Boys) in a makeshift dormitory for one month before results the move paid off hence we want to have all of them boarding and we shall be able to compete effectively with other schools”.

At Friends Namanja secondary, the principal John Wafula who was awarded a physics laboratory said they were ready now to work on the sciences grades being the first ever at the institution since its inception 22 years ago.

We received a bursary of Ksh 337,500 from the Mp and also from our Mca Kevin Mahelo and were happy because it has helped us keep the boys and girls (840 total population) in school. Since 2019 the school has been able to take 47 students to university.

He called on the parents to be closer to their students at home to ensure that they take their studies seriously.

The Manda Shivanga Mca David Iraya Kivishi on his part while attending the function at Tombo and Silungai girl that are in his ward promised to support the schools by ensuring that those teachers on board are absorbed in the system to curb the teacher shortage in schools and further promised to sponsor exams to schools within hi ward to improve on results.

Other schools that also benefitted were Lunyerere, Bwanga and Indulusia primary schools.

By Wycliffe Andabwa

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