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Malava Residents Elated as an Investor is Set to Launch an Avocado Company

Sisi Village, the largest Hass avocado chain in Nyanza and the western region, could be seen as the next big investment in the region after corn and sugar cane prices and production plummeted due to the infiltration of brokers and cartels. The two regions are home to thousands of well-nourished seedlings that are affordable for farmers interested in lotus farming. Aspiring farmers can be trained by the base in everything from preparing the land to harvesting quality produce.

According to the organization’s on ground representative, Lincy Malungu, the introduction of Hass Avocado paves the way for diversification, providing farmers with new production options that will prove to be more productive in the long run, thus completely Malungu said introducing avocado gardening would not only empower local people economically, but also create jobs for the youth. 

Photo: Field Officers Take a Pose after Training Outside Sisi Village Produce in Malava

He explained that the company is targeting an international market where it is in demand due to its versatility, and aims to train farmers on how to plant and care for the fruit in a manner sufficient to meet international standards.
so as to create jobs and be able to reach out to all farmers, and to eradicate the idea that horticulture is only done in one region because of the former western climate conditions, the company aims to have our own pack house in the western region within the next three years.

The western and lake region counties are much more supportive of avocado cultivation, as are central Kenya’s, although only central Kenya has supported avocado cultivation since the introduction of avocados in Kenya in the 1930s fully embrace avocados. As the world has changed, it is time that regions also began to move away from unproductive farming practices and adopt crops to begin adapting to the new marketable crops growing across the West. 

Already we have recruited millions of farmers in Western and Nyanza who are doing Hass avocado and we are calling on the county governments in the region to partner with us and encourage more farmers to practice Avocado farming as it is the next big investment with ready markets. We as Sisi Village will collect the harvest on behalf of the farmer so they do not need to fear the lack of a market.
Globally, Mexico leads in avocado exports, earning $ 2,980,000,000 while Kenya earned only $ 140,000,000 from the crop in 2021.

Photo: Sisi Village Produce Banner Outlining the Company’s Mandate,  Mission Statement, Vision and Core Values

After many years of maize and cane cultivation by farmers in Western Kenya, avocado has finally been introduced by Sisi Village Produce into the agribusiness basket with signs of generating a healthy income for farmers who are now undergoing vigorous training on how best they can plant, manage and reap big from the produce that enjoys an international niche market.

Between March and December last year, three model farms and nurseries were already set up in Kaimosi, Kimilili and Likuyani, and a new office and nursery will also be located in Malava as part of the Hass avocado farming tentacles spread across the region.

Hass avocados are not only an excellent source of various nutrients for the body, but also have medicinal benefits for cancer patients and heart disease, and are also used in the manufacture of cosmetics. 

By Wycliffe Andabwa

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