By Wycliffe Andabwa

A group of young people from Malava Sub County has issued a stern warning to politicians seeking to exploit their votes by coming to the area without first bringing development projects. The group, led by former aspirant Shirugu Mugai Mca Sakaya Shitsimi, Jasusi Musa Musa Neto, and Boniface Lukamasia, accused politicians of using the area as a “vote-hunting ground” and then disappearing after being elected.

The group claimed that politicians like Cleophas Malala, the United Democratic Alliance’s (UDA) national secretary general, were guilty of this behavior. They argued that Malala’s recent visit to the area was a non-consequential affair, as he did not have the right to speak on behalf of the Malava people.

The group also criticized Malala for his selfishness after being appointed as the cabinet secretary without portfolio and as the UDA’s secretary general. They claimed that he has failed to safeguard the interests of the Malava people, who overwhelmingly voted for him in the last general election.

The young people warned that they will not be sold out by politicians who come to the area seeking to exploit them. They emphasized that they are determined to determine their own future and will not be swayed by empty promises made by politicians.

According to Shitsimi Sakaya, the Northern Kakamega region has the numbers to produce the next governor if they unite and decide to do so. He emphasized that the region has been neglected by leaders over the years and it is time for change.

Jasusi Musa, a representative of Gen Z, called on young people to unite and make necessary changes, emphasizing that their decisions will determine their future.

The group also cautioned leaders against colluding with other political leaders from outside to sell out their voters. They promised that in two weeks’ time, they will chart a new course for the sub-county that will forever determine its political future.

The group’s resolutions included a warning that no politician should come to the area seeking political mileage unless they have brought development projects to the residents first.

The young people vowed to protect their votes and ensure that they are not exploited by politicians who only care about their own interests. They emphasized that this time around, they will not be fooled by empty promises and will demand tangible changes from their leaders.

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