By Everlyne Wanjala

Mt. Elgon Constituency’s Member of Parliament, Fred Kapondi, has called upon residents to be aware of the proposed budget for the 2024/2025 fiscal year before electing their leaders. Kapondi made the appeal during a funeral ceremony at Chebinyin Primary School in Chesikaki ward, Mlima Elgon Constituency.

Kapondi emphasized that the budget contains several sections that benefit the people, and it is crucial for residents to understand its contents before making their decisions. “As leaders, it is our duty to ensure that we prioritize the interests of our people, and that is why I have brought this matter to your attention,” he said.

The MP also pledged to improve several schools in Chesikaki ward, with the aim of increasing academic standards. “I want to assure you that I will work tirelessly to ensure that our children receive quality education,” he said.

Kapondi urged residents to elect leaders who have a clear vision for the development of their constituency. “I urge you to choose leaders who have a clear plan for the betterment of our constituency, not just those who make empty promises,” he said.

The MP also promised to upgrade roads in the constituency, making it easier for residents to travel. “Good infrastructure is essential for economic growth, and I will work hard to ensure that our roads are upgraded,” he said.

Kapondi’s remarks come at a time when election fever is mounting in the country, with many politicians vying for positions. His call for transparency and accountability is seen as a breath of fresh air in a political landscape characterized by rhetoric and empty promises.

The MP’s appeal has been welcomed by residents, who are eager to see meaningful development in their constituency. “We appreciate Hon. Kapondi’s honesty and commitment to serving us,” said a resident. “We hope that other leaders will follow his example.”

The proposed budget for 2024/2025 has been criticized for being too vague and lacking specific details on how it will benefit the people. Kapondi’s call for transparency is seen as a step in the right direction towards accountability and good governance.

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