By Harriet Alaka

Residents of Kakamega’s Shinyalu constituency have expressed divergent opinions on the 2024/2025 budget bill, with some arguing that it does not prioritize the ordinary citizen.

Some residents, led by Ishmael Lumumba, have criticized the budget bill, saying it neglects the needs of the common citizen and instead focuses on burdening citizens with more taxes. Lumumba, who is one of the residents from the area, argued that the budget bill is a means to oppress the ordinary citizen.

On the other hand, Kevin Wawire, another resident from the area, has expressed support for the ongoing protests across the country, which he believes will bring about change and strengthen the national economy. Wawire has also criticized the police for brutalizing protesters, saying that they have a right to peaceful assembly as citizens of this nation.

He further called on the police to protect protesters, as their demonstrations are peaceful and aimed at promoting democracy.

The mixed reactions from residents of Shinyalu constituency highlight the varying perspectives on the 2024/2025 budget bill and its potential impact on ordinary citizens. While some see it as a means to oppress, others believe it can be a tool for positive change if implemented wisely.

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