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“TakeMeOut”, Busia County Edition

Come all and Witness how art meets culture.

A breathtaking event that was scheduled on saturday 6th of July at the #ashtag 040 Club from 3 PM till dawn and was guaranteed free entrance.

The Busia favored edition was set to present fashion runways, dance crews and Music acts, playing fifa, cards and lots of Choma.

Great talent and amazing efforts from Busia Perfomers was noted and who did not enjoy? Most if not all in attendance enjoyed the choma delicacies and the services in general

The event’s host Mr. Brian Omelei, the award winning best male model of 2018 Busta awards stepped out at the event being the face of ambition and achievement that the young looked up to and the old ones left in admiration.

ANyone who missed tha talked event in town, Missed alot. But for them, Another take me out event is underway being planned for and is likely to be held during the festive season.

Work without play made Jack a dull boy and all those who showed up at Club #ashtag 040 to entertain themselves ended up being entertained to the maximum. Success is through encouragedment plus fun so you dont want to miss the upcoming TAKE ME OUT 2ND Edition.

A poster of the TAKEMEOUT, Busia County First Edition.

Come all and witness how Art meets culture.

Interested parties and invited guests came all the way from Kampala and Nairobi to witness the night’s greatness. In their recognition, they are all to be invited again and so are you. Their presence was highly appreaciated for having created time out of their busy schedules and so were all the other guests.

The Busia Edition was powered by Club #ashtag040, Omelei Events, Abrams Collection, MC IZooh, Jocyofcos Media and Speedbat Limited.

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Charles Oduor

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