On a Day like This In 1998 Google was Founded. Since then it has grown into a fundamental tool easing the access to information world wide.

1479: After four years of war, Spain agrees to allow a Portuguese monopoly of trade along Africa’s west coast and Portugal acknowledges Spain’s rights in the Canary Islands.

1870: A republic is proclaimed in Paris and a government of national defense is formed.

1945: The American flag is raised on Wake Island after surrender ceremonies there.

1951: The first transcontinental television broadcast in America is carried by 94 stations.

1967: Operation Swift begins as US Marines engage North Vietnamese Army troops in Que Son Valley.

1972: Mark Spitz becomes first Olympic competitor to win 7 medals during a single Olympics Games.

1975: Sinai II Agreement between Egypt and Israel pledges that conflicts between the two countries “shall not be resolved by military force but by peaceful means.”

1998: Google founded by Stanford University students Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

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