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In a compelling turn of events, Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza has triumphed once again, emerging unscathed from a second attempt to oust her from office through impeachment. Despite facing seven charges presented by the County Assembly of Meru, Governor Mwangaza’s leadership prevails as the majority of the 47 Senators dismiss the allegations.

Unraveling the Impeachment Drama

The County Assembly of Meru unanimously voted to remove Governor Mwangaza from office, citing charges ranging from misappropriation of county resources to contempt of the Meru County Assembly. However, the two-day-long impeachment hearing concluded with a pivotal midnight vote by the 47 Senators.

Charges and Senate Verdicts

1.    Misappropriation of County Resources:

·         Guilty: 19 Senators

·         Innocent: 28 Senators

2.    Nepotism and Unethical Practices:

·         Guilty: 5 Senators

·         Not Satisfied: 42 Senators

3.    Bullying, Vilifying, and Diminishing Other Leaders:

·         Guilty: 3 Senators

·         Innocent: 44 Senators

4.    Illegal Appointments and Usurpation of Statutory Powers:

·         Guilty: 20 Senators

·         Innocent: 27 Senators

5.    Contempt of Court:

·         Guilty: 3 Senators

·         Innocent: 44 Senators

6.    Illegally Naming a Public Road After Her Husband:

·         Guilty: 4 Senators

·         Rejected: 43 Senators

7.    Contempt of the County Assembly:

·         Guilty: 10 Senators

·         Unsubstantiated: 27 Senators

Governor’s Stalwart Resilience

This victory marks the second time Governor Mwangaza has thwarted removal attempts by Meru County MCAs. Despite the ongoing tensions with the County Assembly, her resilience and the Senate’s majority support signal a continued tenure for Governor Mwangaza.

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