A physically challenged woman in Emuhaya Constituency in Vihiga County got more than a voter’s card from the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) voter registration center after registration officials teamed up to buy her a wheelchair.  The middle-aged lady; Selifa Opanda, had reportedly acquired her national ID card this year and had asked her family to be taken to the voter registration center last Monday. 

Emuhaya Deputy Registration Officer Edith Mahonga said that Selifa was brought to the Ilungu Primary School registration center on a wheelbarrow, pushed by a young man identified as her uncle. After registering her, the registration clerks at the station decided to relieve Selifa of her transport hassles and buy her a wheelchair.  

The officials captured a photo of Selifa on her wheelbarrow and shared it with their colleagues on a WhatsApp group, calling them to get on board and assist her.  Within days, they had raised enough cash to buy her a wheelchair and groceries for her homestead, where she lives with her mother. 

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