By Mercy Brown

Former Chairman of APS SEAL FC, Jackson Kahiga, has expressed his delight and gratitude to the club’s stakeholders for their unwavering support during his tenure as chairman. The club, which won the Western Region League Zone A championship, has been promoted to Division II, a feat that has left many fans excited and optimistic about the team’s future.

Kahiga praised the team’s players and staff for their hard work and dedication, saying that they have demonstrated exceptional talent and potential. He also acknowledged the contribution of the county’s commander, who provided crucial support to the team. Kahiga expressed his confidence in the team’s ability to excel in Division II, citing their determination and teamwork.

APS SEAL FC is a young and talented team that has shown remarkable progress in a short period. However, they face challenges related to transportation and other logistical issues, which require specialized planning and coordination. The team’s new chairman, George Nyali, has taken over the reins from Kahiga and is committed to addressing these challenges.

Nyali emphasized the importance of building strong relationships with stakeholders, including fans and sponsors, to ensure the team’s success. He highlighted the need for effective planning and strategic partnerships to overcome the challenges facing the team.

As the team prepares for its Division II campaign, Nyali is confident that APS SEAL FC will continue to thrive under his leadership. He believes that the team’s youthful energy and talent will be a significant advantage in the new league.

The promotion to Division II is a significant milestone for APS SEAL FC, which has shown remarkable progress in a short period. The team’s fans are eagerly anticipating their next move and are optimistic about their chances of success in the new league.

Jackson Kahiga’s departure as chairman of APS SEAL FC marks a new chapter in the team’s history. As George Nyali takes over, he is committed to building on the team’s successes and addressing the challenges facing them. With their youthful talent and determination, APS SEAL FC is poised for another successful season in Division II.

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