By Elizabeth Ongayo

Kenya’s leaders are facing mounting pressure to address the crisis in the country’s secondary school system, particularly in the junior secondary level. The scarcity of teachers and the fact that many are currently on leave has left students struggling to continue their education.

Omboko Milembe, a member of parliament for Emuhaya, has taken a strong stance on the issue, demanding immediate action from leaders to resolve the problem. According to Omboko, the current situation is not only unsustainable but also threatens to undermine the quality of education in the country.

To address the crisis, Omboko is urging leaders to pass a bill that would enable the county government to allocate more funds to hire additional teachers and provide better salaries to existing ones. This would enable teachers to focus on their duties rather than being forced to take leave.

Omboko further emphasizes the need for the county government to prioritize education and ensure that students receive quality education. He believes that this would not only benefit the students but also have a positive impact on the country’s overall development.

The crisis in Kenya’s secondary school system is a pressing concern that requires urgent attention from leaders. As Omboko’s statement highlights, the current situation is unsustainable and threatens to undermine the quality of education in the country.

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