By Javan Sajida

Kakamega County’s leaders are embroiled in a heated debate over various issues affecting the region. The burial of Dr. George Mbakaya, the former chief executive officer of the county’s agricultural department, has become a subject of contention.

Ikolomani MP Bernard Shinali  struggledto explain why he  supported the finance in parliament, amidst pressure from mourners. His fellow MP from Shinyalu, Fred Ikana, also had it tough with accusations of neglecting the interests of Kakamega residents.

Meanwhile, Kakamega Senator Bonnie Khalwale has criticized both the county assembly and governor’s office for neglecting the concerns of residents. He has also asked Governor Fernandes Barasa to pay government workers, including pending bills.

Khalwale also criticized the governor and other leaders for allegedly ignoring the concerns of residents over the Murhanda airstrip. He used the opportunity to ask Governor Barasa to follow the advice of President William Ruto and deprioritize budget allocation for leaders and their spouses.

However, Governor Barasa defended himself, denying allegations made by Khalwale over the Murhanda airstrip issue. Dr. Brian Lishenga, a former aspirant for the Kakamega Senator seat, has called on Governor Barasa to prioritize healthcare by establishing a referral hospital in the county, similar to those found in other counties.

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