Governor George Natembeya of Trans Nzoia County is set to be interviewed on Lubao FM this evening by host Javan Sajida. The governor will discuss various issues concerning his governance and the welfare of the Mulembe Nation. Natembeya, a former public servant who ventured into politics, will share the new ideas he has brought into the political arena to benefit the residents of Trans Nzoia.

During the interview, the governor is expected to provide insight into the progress of his manifesto in developing Trans Nzoia County and share his thoughts on the state of devolution in Kenya, especially in light of the ongoing doctor’s strike. He will also delve into the impact of local politics on the Mulembe Nation and whether they have truly benefited from their current leadership.

A major concern that is likely to be raised during the interview is the declining prices of sugarcane in the region, despite Trans Nzoia being a hub for sugar industries. Governor Natembeya is expected to address the issue and discuss possible solutions to ensure that sugarcane farmers can continue to benefit from their hard work in the industry.

Natembeya is also expected to shed light on the Tawe Movement, a movement he leads, and how it aims to liberate the Mulembe Nation and advance the socio-economic and political welfare of the Luhya community. The promotion of Lt. General John Mugalavai Omenda to Vice CDF is also expected to be discussed in relation to the Tawe Movement’s efforts to elevate Luhya leaders in various sectors.

In his closing remarks, Governor Natembeya is expected to share a message of unity and progress for the Mulembe Nation and all Kenyans at large, emphasizing the importance of working together for the betterment of the community and the country as a whole. The interview is anticipated to conclude with the host engaging the audience through phone calls and SMS to gather feedback and questions for the governor.

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