By Sajida Javan

Residents of Buyangu village are grappling with escalating anxiety as the Isiukhu River’s water levels surge and its flow intensifies, leading to widespread flooding within the community. The agricultural sector has been severely impacted, with fields and farms being submerged, resulting in substantial crop damage.

The main thoroughfare connecting Buyangu village to Ivakale has been significantly affected by the rising waters, rendering the previously used crossing stones unsafe for travel. Elder Jacob Belinda has underscored the detrimental effects of the flooding on agricultural activities and has urgently called upon Fred Ikana, the Member of Parliament for Shinyalu, to expedite the establishment of a safe crossing point.

In response to the escalating situation, Ivakale location Assistant Chief Muhanji John Ihachi has issued a directive for residents to seek alternative routes for their safety, given the heightened water levels of the Isiukhu River. The pressing need for the construction of a bridge to serve the community’s transportation needs has been emphasized, despite facing delays in fulfilling this commitment.

These challenges faced by the residents of Buyangu village occur within the broader context of a nationwide flooding crisis, emphasizing the critical requirement for prompt and effective intervention to address the impact of these natural calamities on the affected communities.

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