The Vihiga County Government is taking steps to address the challenges faced by the youth by preparing a youth bill focused on mainstreaming socio-economic empowerment in the county. Governor Dr. Wilber Ottichilo highlighted that a significant portion of the youth in the county is experiencing poverty due to unemployment and an unfavorable business environment. Speaking at the 60th Jamhuri Day commemoration at Hamisi Stadium, Ottichilo emphasized that enacting the bill would establish a legal framework for the county administration to actively promote youth empowerment initiatives.

In addition to the youth bill, Ottichilo expressed the intention to establish a Persons with Disabilities Board. This board aims to coordinate and address issues related to individuals with disabilities in the county, providing a structured approach to support this segment of the population.

Governor Ottichilo reiterated the commitment of the Vihiga County Government to creating opportunities for the youth that go beyond addressing unemployment. He emphasized the importance of fostering an environment conducive to entrepreneurship and business development. The youth bill, once enacted, is expected to lay the groundwork for initiatives that support skills development, access to capital, and mentorship programs aimed at equipping young people with the tools needed to thrive in various economic sectors.

In his address, Ottichilo acknowledged the vital role that collaboration between the county government and the residents plays in achieving the envisioned socio-economic transformation. He encouraged active participation from the community in providing insights and feedback on the proposed youth bill to ensure that it aligns with the actual needs and aspirations of the youth in Vihiga County. By involving the residents in the decision-making process, the county aims to build a more inclusive and responsive framework that addresses the multifaceted challenges faced by the youth in their pursuit of economic stability and personal growth.

County Commissioner Felix Watakila, also present at the event, called on residents to prioritize peace and security during the end-of-year festivities. He pledged collaboration between the county government and law enforcement agencies to prevent criminal activities such as mugging, robbery, stock theft, and sexual violence. Watakila specifically urged parents and adults in the communities to serve as role models for the youth, emphasizing the importance of upholding morality and self-discipline. The collective effort of the community, local government, and law enforcement is crucial in fostering a secure and conducive environment for all residents

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