Several university dons from Kakamega county in Kenya have united with the goal of providing professional counsel and expertise to promote economic, social, and developmental growth in the region. Following their inaugural meeting, the lecturers, representing various universities across the country, acknowledged the value of their diverse professions and extensive research in contributing to the betterment of the county.

One of the leading voices in this initiative is Dr. Sylvester Anami, who successfully organized the Mulembe Nation Socio Economic Summit last month. Dr. Anami stressed the importance of professionals coming together to ensure that Kakamega becomes a hub where professionalism and tangible development intersect.

In addition to their unified efforts, the dons urged graduates to consider returning to Kakamega after completion of their studies in order to contribute to the county’s prosperity. By encouraging graduates to build their careers locally, the aim is to make Kakamega an attractive destination for talent and foster its growth and development.

The dons believe that their collective expertise, gained through years of education, research, and experience, can greatly benefit Kakamega. By harnessing their knowledge and working together, they aim to promote an environment where professionalism thrives, fostering tangible results and uplifting the county as a whole.

The unified efforts of these dedicated university dons from Kakamega county demonstrate their commitment to leveraging their collective skills and experiences for the greater good. Through professional counsel and collaboration, they hope not only to stimulate economic growth in the county, but also to foster social and developmental improvements that will enhance the lives of its residents.

By Wycliffe Andabwa

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