Kakamega County has released its County Fiscal Strategy Paper (CFSP 2024) outlining the priorities and projects to be implemented over the next three years. The paper aligns with national development goals such as Kenya Vision 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals. Its strategic priorities include improving access to quality health, water, and sanitation; promoting wealth creation and infrastructure development; modernizing and commercializing agriculture for food security; improving education standards; enhancing social development; and promoting good governance.

The county aims to create employment opportunities, improve living standards, and achieve economic growth through these priorities. Challenges such as low revenue collection, delays in fund disbursement, and expenditure pressures have affected the county’s development agenda. However, the county government is determined to address these challenges gradually and strengthen the framework for wealth creation and economic vibrancy.

To achieve their goals, the county government plans to invest in health infrastructure, strengthen community health strategies, ensure an adequate supply of healthcare products, and prioritize public healthcare. They also aim to enhance water production and quality, improve sanitation services, and promote climate action at the local level.

In terms of wealth creation and infrastructure development, the county intends to establish industrial parks and aggregation centers, promote the Barasa Economic Empowerment program, support the sugar sector, and establish market and technological linkages for cottage industries. They also plan to facilitate the establishment of a motorcycle assembly plant and spare parts shops, complete a valuation roll for increased revenue generation, and enhance access to housing, transport, ICT, and energy infrastructure.

The county recognizes the importance of modernizing and commercializing agriculture to achieve food and nutrition security. They aim to improve agricultural practices, provide extension services, support cooperatives, increase access to inputs and subsidized services, and establish dairy processing plants.

In terms of education, the county plans to improve the quality of early childhood education, promote curriculum implementation, hire more teachers, improve training institutions, and provide bursaries and scholarships for better access to quality education.

The county also prioritizes social development, aiming to build cultural and community halls, enhance security and street lighting, complete sports stadiums, establish sports academies, and support youth, women, and people with disabilities in business ventures.

Lastly, the county emphasizes the importance of good governance and plans to establish leadership caucuses, hold interdenominational prayer breakfasts, strengthen devolution, and implement ward-based programs for faster development.

Overall, Kakamega County’s CFSP 2024 demonstrates its commitment to inclusive growth, economic transformation, and improving the quality of life for its residents.

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