President Uhuru Kenyatta has been reminded of the promise he made to Kakamega Little Lilies Primary School in 2019 after emerging victorious in the national music competition that year at Nakuru state lodge.

Through a song that was performed by the students during the end of term one closing ceremony the pupils urged the head of state to honor his pledge to them which will fulfill their long term dream of having a bus that will ease locomotion in the school.

The schools Director, Geit Hwawa wished the students a happy holiday and advised the parents to protect their children for this short holiday and congratulated the parents for their good cooperation while advising the students to be safe this holiday season.

The school’s head teacher, Alphayo Odongo, made a similar appeal to parents and students, urging those who would like to join the school to do so next term.

The students were elated by the entire exercise which was broadcast live on 102.2 Lubao Fm and they expressed their happiness after closing the first semester and advise their classmates to protect themselves during this holiday season. The Pupil’s Council is led by the President Marrie Bright, Prime Minister Ronaldo Udoto, Secretary General,  Patience Waieko, Preveilor Busolo The Principal Secretary of Hospitality, Babra Muteshi for Library and Lawyan Kimanga for Clubs and Societies.

By Sajida Javan

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