The body of 56 year old woman from Lunyito Village in Lugari Location is lying dead at the Webuye Sub County Hospital Morgue after she hanged herself following family woes. Mrs. Elimina is alleged to have hanged herself on the house belonging to her son, Makombola, 26 who as witnesses narrate, was the cause of the woman’s death.

The middle aged man, Makombola who locals call him Toto had a few days ago been arrested for harassing her late mother after she failed to agree to his plea of selling the only piece of land they had to enable him purchase a motorbike. Neighbours say that it’s after being released from police that he decided to teach her mother a lesson to the greater extend of injuring delicate parts of her body.

While investigations are underway to ascertain the cause of the woman’s death, police are appealing to members of public to provide information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the key culprit, Makombola

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