On Friday 16th June 2023 , Dan Mukofu, The Member of the County Assembly of Isukha Central, Shinyalu constituency ,Kakamega County, accompanied a number of secondary and primary students from his ward to the Agricultural show that was held at Moi grounds ,Kakamega. Among the  schools that he accompanied to the show were   Lugala  Primary School ,Tsiatsala Primary  School, Iloro Primary  School , Wanzalala Primary School and Shianjero  Secondary  School.

He chose final year  students  to benefit from this initiative with hope to steer them on with the  help of other stakeholders in the  education sector. He said that this was an effort to expose his students to the agricultural shows which bring together various agricultural communities, business people and even curious onlookers all over the country and the whole world.  Most students that he brought to the show admitted that this was their very first time attending such an event.

The genuine sense of wonder and curiosity  could easily be observed from the students’ radiant smiles and fixed gazes on various things and happenings in the show.  The students appreciated this noble  act of their Ward law maker and urged him to continue with the initiative even in the coming years.

By Joseline Akaliche

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