Environment students at St Monica Lubao have expressed their views on the importance of tree planting as a way of environmental conservation on Monday 5th June 2023 (World Environment Day).The school’s environmental club that is led by Mr. Ominde as the Organizing Secretary of the club.He shared how the club startedas an agricultural class which he teaches as a practical lesson.

Later on he saw the benefits of tree planting and decided to change the practical lesson to environmental club.The club has since gotten support from the Catholic Diocese of Kakamega who supply them with seedlings.

The club sells the seedlings at an affordable price to the public which has been a way of earning income to the club.He says that the money is used to help the club members during financial difficulty.

Members of Environmental club have expressed  the importance of tree planting as it helps in environmental conservation,avoid pollution,makes the environment Greener and also brings rain which helps in Agriculture.

Mr Ominde encourages each of the members to plant more trees as a method of cubbing global warming and also as an environmental conservation method.

By Sylvia Odhiambo

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