Joseline Akaliche as Guest for a Youth Drive Show @Lubao FM

I’m Joseline Akaliche a fourth year student at Kisii university pursuing a degree in Bachelor of arts general (English and literature).Having research and communication skills I was able to secure an attachment opportunity at Lubao FM which has given me a chance to explore a career l have always dreamt of since childhood but given up on due to unavoidable circumstances.

Journalism is  a powerful force that can  influence societies,bring about change  and even dictate the way history  comes to pass. l have always been someone who champions for the truth and journalism is enabling me achieve this through carrying out investigations and interviews on various issues which could have rather remained untold .Being a research student, l have always had interest in getting insights into all occurring issues, journalism is a diverse discipline that has given me an opportunity to explore and understand different topics including Culture, Business, Governance and even History.Learning new things excites me, journalism is an ever evolving profession that embraces new ways of reaching its audience.For me the most interesting aspect of journalism development is audience engagement where readers, viewers and listeners are given opportunities to give their views, feedback and be part of the news process through social media, phone calls and community events hence creating a more  inclusive society.

I have come to understand that journalism is an invitation to embark on a fulfilling journey that requires accountability, adaptability to various technological advancements, commitment to continuous learning (one should  always seek information on current events,trends) and most importantly emotional intelligence .lm hoping to advance my education and embrace  a dream I had once given up on.

By Joseline Akaliche

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