Agriculture being the main source of food production in any country, on Friday 28th March I had a visit at small scale farmer in my efforts to see the progress of various farmers. Eric Muroni the owner of Rico farm, located at Musoli, Ikolomani subcounty, Kakamega county narrates to me his journey as a farmer.Eric, 38-year-old a father to two boys, has been practicing farming since he was in highschool.

He has majorly dealt with vegetables and fruit production during his farming activities. Eric has been growing watermelon, pawpaw, oranges, climbing pawpaw, passion fruits, pumpkins, onions, tomatoes, sukuma wiki, cabbages, currently growing mushroom which has been his source of income among other fruits.

This time he takes me through mushroom farming. Mushroom are grown in a grass catched  house to help control various challenges that are associated with mushroom growing. Among the reasons is to help control the temperature and the humidity of the surrounding environment to favor the growth of mushroom. Mushroom farming is costly as he narrates since more inputs are needed. Among this are chemicals used to kill pests and diseases that may attack and destroy mushroom, the procedure that is too long for a single harvest may not be cheaper for some farmers to afford, inadequate market for his harvest among other challenges.

Though there are challenges, Eric admits that agriculture moreso mushroom farming has been his main source of income which has been catering for his family needs. Despite high costs incurred in farming activities he says that farming is much profitable.

He also says that he has been able to help in solving nutritious health challenges that most people had been facing through the vegetables and fruits they consume from his farm. He also provides employment opportunities to many youths in the area. He also provides farmer training services. He encouraged more people to engage in farming activities since they can generate income and improve food security in the country moreso at this time countries are experiencing harsh economic conditions and food shortage.

 You can reach Eric for any vegetables and fruits constructions through his personal contact: +254- 726798631 or write to box number 1108, Kakamega .

By Fredrick Shikundi

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