The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) is set to introduce a new digital radio standard called Digital Sound Broadcasting (DSB) to address the shortage of analogue frequencies, which are nearing saturation. According to Mathew Lunani, an officer at CA, the transition to DSB is reminiscent of the digital television migration from analogue to digital in 2015, although unlike television, radio broadcasters will have the option to migrate to the new standard.

DSB is a high-definition radio transmission network that converts analogue audio into a digital signal. The pilot project for DSB is scheduled to launch in 2028, aiming to mitigate implementation risks, secure investor commitments, and raise awareness about the new digital radio standard.

The CA emphasizes that the DSB network will complement existing analogue frequencies rather than replacing them. Licenses will be issued to both DSB signal distributors and digital broadcast content service providers, offering benefits such as broader coverage, new business opportunities, improved audio quality, and increased government revenue.

Currently, the CA is conducting nationwide training on the new programming code that will come into effect in April 2024. This code aims to provide guidance for media managers and journalists on their on-air conduct, particularly focusing on children’s programming, hate speech, and responsible journalism practices.

On April 8, 2024, officials from the Communications Authority of Kenya conducted a training session on the programming code for directors and journalists at 102.2 Lubao FM, to ensure compliance with the new regulations.

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